Dancing in the Dark

Wasn’t familiar with the band Bear’s Den before this tweet by Belgian radio station Studio Brussel earlier this evening. They caught me bringing back the intimacy The Boss generated on some of his best (imo) records genre Nebraska. Liking it.

Donald Tusk: A biography in his own words

Upon his appointment to President of the European Council, the Polish premier Donald Tusk promised he would improve his English by December 14.

Well, it looks like he intends to keep his promise. Up to yesterday his twitterfeed read almost exclusively Polish, and then we got this one.

The day before, he had the brand new YouTube account “European Council President” uploading this interview.

The record 16 saves by Tim Howard, simultaneous. #belusa

The game Belgium – USA was no doubt one of the most epic games at the World Cup Brazil 2014, with US goalkeeper Tim Howard breaking an all time record of 16 saves in one game.

The people at Yahoo Sports underlined his achievement with this GIF, summarizing all of his 16 saves, simultaneously.

Tim Howard's record 16 saves


Censorship tells the wrong story

The opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is approaching fast and so are the rumours about corruption, censorship and repression towards journalists. An excellent moment to remind Putin about possible side-effects of censorship, as it just might tell the wrong story.

“Censorship tells the wrong story”, Ogilvy & Mather for Reporters without Borders, 2011.