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Message from John McAfee

He definitely knows how to attract attention.

Epic Time-Lapse of Europe by

One photo a day in the worst year of my life


Social Media Video 2013 – YouTube

Organizational Charts | Bonkers World

Lance didn’t win those Tours de France

So who did? An excellent infograph by Charlie Layton.


Classic portraits in modern photos

German artist, Dorothee Golz mashes up Renaissance-era portraits with photographs of contemporary life in a series titled “Digital Paintings”. Check ’em out. Doesn’t Albrecht Durer look like a total bad ass?

Hologramme Empreinte, l’Atelier lingerie — Paris

French concept lingerieshop Empreinte found the way to attract the attention of late night passers-by: a hologram of a woman in lingerie. Nice one.

The Five Most Sexist/Misogynistic Print Ads From The Last Five Years

1. Used BMWs, Greece

0–69 in 6.9 seconds. She looks about 15. Ad agency: BBDO Greece.

2. Bacardi, Israel

Online promotion that was quickly pulled. Not quick enough. Women worldwide lambasted Bacardi over this inconceivably idiotic idea. Ad agency: McCann Digital, Tel Aviv.

3. Coopers Light Lager, Singapore

Get it? Because of the lower alcohol content, you horny guys will only be wearing partial beer goggles—saving you from banging fat chicks. The ad won a bronze lion at Cannes, which prompted Coopers to issue a statement saying they never “officially” commissioned the ad. Ad agency: JWT Singapore.

4. Duncan Quinn, USA

Duncan sells handmade ready-to-wear and bespoke men’s suits: “Savile Row meets Rock ‘n Roll.” Fashion is Death, they say.

5. Burger King, Singapore

The King of the Blow Job Ads. Amazing.

Bonus: Here’s the most misogynistic TV commercial from the last five years, via the Czech Republic.


From Love to Bingo, life in Getty Images