Ryanair & A Possible Double Booking #wtf

As regular Ryanair-customer, you get used to the way the low-cost carrier is treating its customers. Will not complain about that, what you pay is what you get and they always bring me from point A to point B, which is exactly what I expect from them. Until I double booked a flight.

Background, in my enthusiasm I booked one flight to Krakow twice. Stupid, I know, but ok, it happened. Will not nag about the fact that cancelling is  impossible , nor that changing the dates of the duplicate showed more expensive than booking a new one. So basically I took my loss and accepted that one of the two bookings was a waste of money.
But sending me a notification that I possibly booked twice for the same flight exactly three (3) minutes after that flight took off?
Really Ryanair, WTF?
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ryanair Duplicate Bookings <info@care.ryanair.com>
Date: 24 March 2011 15:38
Subject: Possible Double Booking
To: $$$$$@fossaert.be
Dear Customer

We have detected a possible duplicate booking for your Ryanair flight reservation detailed below. Payment may have been taken twice from your credit or debit card.

Please note no refund is possible on a duplicate reservation after the departure of the booked flights.

Please contact Ryanair regarding a possible duplicate reservation via.

Ryanair Reservations

ITINERARY/RECEIPT – All times are local.

1. Jeroen Fossaert

Your new flight details are as follows:
From Charleroi(CRL) to Krakow(KRK)
Thu, 24/03/2011 Flight 6728 Depart CRL at 1535 and arrive KRK at 1745
From Krakow(KRK) to Charleroi(CRL)
Sun, 27/03/2011 Flight 6729 Depart KRK at 2010 and arrive CRL at 2225
Ryanair Holdings plc (Company No. 249885) / Ryanair Ltd. (Company No. 104547).
Registered in the Republic of Ireland. With registered address Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin, Ireland.


Soviet Propaganda Posters from 1917-1922.

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The music was specifically composed by Laurent Aglat for the film, and Emma Dornan’s beautiful voice gave the commentary its magical tone.
The film was directed by Jerome de Gerlache.