The Five Most Sexist/Misogynistic Print Ads From The Last Five Years

1. Used BMWs, Greece

0–69 in 6.9 seconds. She looks about 15. Ad agency: BBDO Greece.

2. Bacardi, Israel

Online promotion that was quickly pulled. Not quick enough. Women worldwide lambasted Bacardi over this inconceivably idiotic idea. Ad agency: McCann Digital, Tel Aviv.

3. Coopers Light Lager, Singapore

Get it? Because of the lower alcohol content, you horny guys will only be wearing partial beer goggles—saving you from banging fat chicks. The ad won a bronze lion at Cannes, which prompted Coopers to issue a statement saying they never “officially” commissioned the ad. Ad agency: JWT Singapore.

4. Duncan Quinn, USA

Duncan sells handmade ready-to-wear and bespoke men’s suits: “Savile Row meets Rock ‘n Roll.” Fashion is Death, they say.

5. Burger King, Singapore

The King of the Blow Job Ads. Amazing.

Bonus: Here’s the most misogynistic TV commercial from the last five years, via the Czech Republic.


A QR-code on a mobile site. Just joking, right, @stepstonebe? #QR-madness #in

There are more than 11 reasons why QR-codes suck, for instance that they are inherently unsafe. They’re even that unsafe that Norton saw room for another app. And still, some marketeers still use them in appropriate or less appropriate places, like a mobile site for instance. 

Can someone at Stepstone explain me how I’m supposed to scan a $*#@-QR code with the same smartphone I want to download their iphone app on? 

Der Wolfsschanze up for rent

While checking out my visitor stats on Flickr, noticed that last two / three days showed an interesting peak in new visitors. More specifically for the pictures of a road trip through Poland I did some one and a half year ago, and in that set, especially the pictures of Hitlers Wolfschanze amassed the majority of hits. The site, close to Gierłoż in Eastern Poland, was recently brought under our attention again in Valkyrie.

Still, had no idea on the reason for the attention of the last days, but Google has. Apparently the Polish government is planning to lease out the site to some investor who wants to turn it into a a tourist attraction. Seeing how the Polish treated the former Oskar Schindler factory in Krakow or the Auschwitz / Birkenau site next to the current Oświęcim, I guess we can trust them in making it something worthwhile to visit with respect for history.

Below the pictures. As I arrived quite late on the day, walking through the woods, with the darkness falling in left quite an impression. If you’re ever around there, don’t hesitate, it’s definitely worth the visit.