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Der Wolfsschanze up for rent

While checking out my visitor stats on Flickr, noticed that last two / three days showed an interesting peak in new visitors. More specifically for the pictures of a road trip through Poland I did some one and a half year ago, and in that set, especially the pictures of Hitlers Wolfschanze amassed the majority of hits. The site, close to Gierłoż in Eastern Poland, was recently brought under our attention again in Valkyrie.

Still, had no idea on the reason for the attention of the last days, but Google has. Apparently the Polish government is planning to lease out the site to some investor who wants to turn it into a a tourist attraction. Seeing how the Polish treated the former Oskar Schindler factory in Krakow or the Auschwitz / Birkenau site next to the current Oświęcim, I guess we can trust them in making it something worthwhile to visit with respect for history.

Below the pictures. As I arrived quite late on the day, walking through the woods, with the darkness falling in left quite an impression. If you’re ever around there, don’t hesitate, it’s definitely worth the visit.

Wroclaw – Vrotslove – Vrots of Love

Promo-video for Wrocław, in the race for European Capital of Culture in 2016. In the video, it’s trying to make it easier for us foreigners to pronounce the name Wrocław by splitting it into two easy-to-remember bits: Vrots and Love.

Iphonetracker: the real whereabouts

So apparently Apple is tracking my moves on this planet. Well, at least, according to the iPhoneTracker-app, they’re doing a quite good job. Missing some connections in Poland between places I visited on a recent roadtrip, but for the rest, well done.

Dolina Mnikowska

Nice to visit if in the neighbourhood of Krakow: The Mnikowska Valley

Roadtrip through Poland

Recently discovered Tripline on Techchrunch. It offers a fast and easy way of sharing a road trip spiced up with pictures, Foursquare check-ins and tweets.